How to Keep you Summer Treats in Check

Updated: Dec 23, 2021


Oh, summer, you are glorious! Beaches, ice cream, staying up late, drinks on the patio. I mean, c’mon! Every year my friends and I debate what season we gain the most weight in, winter or summer. For me, it was always summer. There are just so many good things, and with the heat, who wants to work out? But now that I am a little older and dare I say a little wiser. It’s not really an option for me to go no holds barred all summer long anymore.

I need, nay want to keep my health in check because it is all about the small choices that we make throughout our day that ultimately lead us down a healthy path, or have us sitting in a doctor’s office being told that we have diabetes. And noooobody wants that!

So if you’re like me and summertime is your weakness, does that mean you have to completely cut yourself off from all enjoyment? Have no fun all summer long? Hells NO! All that you need to do is make a few alterations so both you and I can still stay on the healthy train.

The first thing to do is remind yourself of your BIG why. Mine is to have more energy for my kids. So when someone asks if I want a second glass of wine or more ice cream, I can ask myself will this help me have more energy or not. In this case, the answer is no.

The second thing is to check in with your body. Do you actually want that s’more, or is it connecting people that you’re craving? Are you hungry or just feeling bored or lonely? What is the emotion that you are feeling? When we can identify the emotion, we can solve the problem instead of eating our feelings.


So after we have checked in with ourselves and still feel like having a bevie, why not try a mocktail or a wine spritzer instead of a whole bottle of wine? The mocktails have seriously upped their game this past year, and you can find some killer drinks that won’t have you missing the alcohol at all.

If it’s a treat you want instead, eat a treat, but do it with intention. Eat that ice cream as slowly as that melty, delicious treat will allow you to. This not only helps with digestion but the slower you eat, the more time it allows your brain to realize, “Hey, you’re eating a treat,” and this way, you won’t need to have as much.


One of the BEST things about summer is the fruit! An Okanagan peach right now is off the chain! Chef’s kiss, AMAZING, super delicious! So instead of having ice cream every night, maybe make a fruit salad. Or put some fruit into your mocktail or water if you want to switch things up.

This brings me to the last and most important thing to do over the summertime, and that is drink your water! It’s hot out, and to be a fully functioning human being, you will need to up your water game. Plus, it gives your skin that magical glow without putting bronzer on….I mean, what else do you need?

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