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Hi, I’m Lauren, and I’m a Health Coach.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I know what you are thinking. What's a Health Coach? Well, in a nutshell, I help you set and achieve health goals and build new habits.

I have always been passionate about health and healthcare. In fact, before becoming a Registered Health Coach (RHC™), I worked in hospitals. I helped raise money to buy specialized equipment, fund essential programs and upgrade and build facilities. Essentially, ensuring that hospitals can provide the best care available to those in need.

Being in this setting for over 11 years, I have seen our dedicated healthcare teams in action, saving countless lives and giving patients a second chance to hug their loved ones. It's been an incredible experience, but it also made me realize that hospitals don't solve problems. They fix what is already broken.

Duh?! I know, right, but it made me wonder...

What are we doing to prevent people from coming to the hospitals in the first place? What are we doing to make sure that people are living their best lives? And the answer is not a whole lot.

Did you know that heart disease, diabetes, or stroke victims make up most patients who end up in the hospital? Did you also know we can prevent all of these illnesses with lifestyle choices?!

Our lifestyle choices are little habits that we do throughout the day, they are part of our routine, and we do them without even thinking about it, i.e. brushing our teeth, craving something sweet after a meal, or stress eating chocolate.

All of these habits add up and ultimately determine our quality of life. The more healthy habits you have, the better your quality of life. Now, if you are thinking….well shit, I have A LOT of unhealthy habits. Good news - YOU are absolutely capable of turning your unhealthy habits into healthy ones.

Here's how to get started….

  1. Write down your health goals. Just having "I need to lose ten pounds" floating in your head will not help. Studies show that if you write it down, you are more likely to succeed.

  2. Figure out your big WHY. If you want to lose weight to fit into that bikini this summer, that will motivate you for a little while, but eventually, your motivation will tapper off. However, if you want to lose weight to feel better and have more energy to play with your kids, living a longer and better life will keep you motivated AF as it's linked to something you love and care about. AGAIN, write this down!

  3. Choose two anchors that link to your big WHY; this can be a song, a smell, a picture, anything that will remind you of why you are trying to be a healthy badass. Place these anchors somewhere where you will see them every day. They will act as a pattern interrupter in your brain. Kinda like a record scratch and will remind you of your big WHY and your goal.

For example, when I started on my health journey, my goal was to have more energy. My big WHY was my kids. I wanted to run and play with them. I was tired of lying on the couch scrolling through social media while my kids were begging me to play with them. My Anchors were a mug that my son painted for me, and I wrote the words "I am" in lipstick on my mirror in my bedroom. This is the phrase that I tell myself when I'm working out, and it's hard.

I hope these tips help you start your health journey. Honestly, helping people discover their badass healthy selves AND steering them clear of our healthcare system is what I am meant to do, it doesn't get much better for me—Muah…chef's kiss.

To learn more, check out my website

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